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Selecting paragraph borders with the Borders menu.
Using Quick Styles
Outlook quick styles, or just styles from here on, provide a quick and easy way to apply formatting
to text. A style combines various aspects of formatting, such as font name and size, boldface, and
text color, so you can apply all the formatting in a single step. You can use Outlook’s defined styles
and you can also define your own. Styles apply to entire paragraphs — remember, you define
paragraphs by pressing Enter to end a paragraph and start another.
Applying a Style
To apply a style, place the cursor in the target paragraph or select multiple paragraphs. Then, click
the Quick Styles button on the Format Text ribbon and select the desired style from the Quick
Styles menu (shown in Figure 5.12). Note that as you move your mouse over the available styles,
your text changes to preview each style. To remove a style, follow these steps but select Clear
Formatting from the menu.
If you create an email message based on a theme or stationery, as described later in this
chapter, you will not be able to use quick styles with the message.
Defining a Style
If the styles that are already defined in Outlook do not suit your needs, you can create your own.
Here are the steps to follow:
Format a paragraph in the message with the formatting that you want to be part of the
new style (although you can make changes later in this process). Make sure the insertion
point remains in that paragraph.
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