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Selecting a theme or stationery.
Applying an Outlook Theme to a Single New Message
You can also apply a theme or stationery to a single new message, overriding the default theme (if
one is defined):
Select Actions, New Mail Message Using from Outlook’s main menu.
Select More Stationery from the next menu. Outlook displays the Theme or Stationery
dialog box as shown previously in Figure 5.15.
Select the desired theme.
Click OK.
Removing All Formatting
The quickest way to remove all formatting from an HTML or RTF format message is to convert it to
a plain text message. You do this by clicking the Plain Text button in the Format section of the
Options ribbon. Outlook will warn you that all formatting will be lost — click Continue to complete
the process. Then you can change the message back to HTML or RTF format if desired. This
technique works for removing a theme or stationery from a message as well.
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