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Applying a Word Theme to a Message
To apply a Word theme to an email message, first create a new HTML format message. Then:
Click in the body of the message.
Click the Themes button on the Options ribbon and click Themes again on the menu.
Outlook displays the Themes menu as shown in Figure 5.16. Built-in themes are listed
in the Built-In section of the menu. If you have defined any custom themes they will be
listed in the Custom section of the menu.
Click the desired theme.
Applying a Word theme to a message.
You’ll note that there are several commands at the bottom of the Themes menu. Their functions are
n Reset to Theme from Template: If the selected theme has been customized, resets it to
the original settings.
n More Themes on Microsoft Office Online: Look for additional themes on Office
n Browse for Themes: Look for additional themes on your local computer or network.
n Save Current Theme: If you have customized the selected theme (covered in the next
section), saves it to disk.
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