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Customizing a Theme
Once you have applied a theme to a message, you can customize the theme by changing its fonts,
its colors, and its effects. You can apply the changes to the current message only or save them for
future use. There are three elements of a theme:
n Fonts: A theme’s fonts consist of a heading font and a body font. A theme may use the
same font in different sizes for both or it can use two distinct fonts.
n Colors: A theme’s colors consist of a set of defined colors for various message elements.
n Effects: A theme’s effects determine how various graphical elements of a message are
Each theme has assigned fonts, colors, and effects. Customizing a theme means to change the fonts,
colors, and/or effects associated with the theme. To customize a theme:
Apply a theme to the message as described in the previous section.
Click one of the buttons next to the Themes button on the Options ribbon. There are
three: Colors, Fonts, and Effects. Outlook displays the corresponding menu — Figure 5.17
shows the Effects menu.
Click the color, font, or effect that you want to apply to the theme.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed for other theme elements.
Using the Effects menu to customize a Word theme.
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