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Creating Custom Font and Color Sets
Outlook provides a selection of defined font and color sets that you can use with Word themes.
These sets are the selections you see on the Theme Colors and Theme Fonts menus when you
customize a theme as described in the previous section. You can create custom color and font sets as
well and have these available for use in Word themes. You cannot, however, create custom theme
effects — you are limited to the effects that are supplied with Outlook. Any custom color or font
sets that you create will be available in the Custom section of the Theme Colors or Theme Fonts
To create a custom color set:
Click the Colors button in the Themes section of the Options ribbon.
Select Create New Theme Colors from the menu. Outlook displays the Create New Theme
Colors dialog box as shown in Figure 5.18. The buttons on the left represent the colors
that make up a color set.
Click the button for the color you want to change and select the new color from the
palette that is displayed. The selected colors are previewed in the Sample section of the
dialog box.
Repeat step 3 for additional colors as desired.
If you want to start over, click Reset to return all colors to their original values.
Assign a name for this color set in the Name box.
Click the Save button.
Creating a custom set of theme colors.
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