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You also use this tab to edit an existing signature. Simply select the signature in the Select
Signature to Edit list, edit it as desired, and click Save.
You can apply a signature manually to individual email messages. If you want a signature added
automatically, use the Choose Default Signature options in the top-right corner of the dialog box:
n In the E-mail Account list, select the email account for which you want a signature used
(this is relevant only if you have two or more email accounts).
n From the New Messages list, select the signature to use for new messages.
n From the Replies/Forwards list, select the signature to use when you reply to or forward a
Adding a Signature to a Message
If you want to add a signature to a message manually, click the Signature button on the Insert
ribbon, then select the desired signature from the menu. The selected signature will be added to the
end of the message.
Outlook provides you with a powerful set of formatting tools. No longer are you limited to sending
boring, plain text messages. As long as your recipients can read HTML messages — and that’s almost
everyone these days — you can use fonts, borders, backgrounds, themes, and other elements to
create visually appealing messages.
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