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Kinds of Email Message Objects
The following sections provide details on the variety of objects that you can use in your email
messages. What objects are available? Here are brief descriptions:
n Picture: Any image, such as a digital photograph.
n Clip Art: Also images but tend to be small drawings.
n Smart Art: Flow charts, organizational charts, processes, and other types of diagrams.
n Chart: Bar, line, and other chart types to illustrate numerical data.
n Shapes: Various shapes such as rectangles, arrows, and triangles.
n Hyperlink: A link that the message recipient can click to navigate to another location.
n Bookmark: Identifies a location in a message that can be the target of a hyperlink.
n Text Box: A rectangular box for entering text.
n Quick Part: A selection of text and/or other message elements that you have saved for
n WordArt: Text with applied artistic effects.
n Equation: A mathematical equation.
n Horizontal Line: Just what it sounds like.
All objects have some things in common. After you insert it in the message the object will be
selected as indicated by a border and handles, small circular or rectangular buttons on the border.
You can see an example in Figure 6.1, which shows a selected clip art object.
A selected object displays a border and handles.
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