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Clip Art
When most people hear “clip art” they think of small drawings used to illustrate or provide
emphasis — for example, a flag, a dollar sign, a car, or a palm tree. This is indeed clip art, but the
term has expanded to include photographs, sounds, and animations. Outlook lets you search for
the clip art you want and then insert it in a message. To find and insert clip art:
Click the Clip Art button in the Illustrations section of the Insert ribbon. Outlook displays
the Clip Art panel as shown in Figure 6.4.
In the Search For box, enter a term that describes what you are looking for.
Open the Search In list to select the clip art collections to be searched.
Open the Results Should Be list to select the types of clip art to be found.
Click the Go button. Outlook searches according to the parameters you entered and
displays the results in the bottom part of the Clip Art panel.
Browse the results and double-click to insert a clip art item.
Click the X in the Clip Art panel title bar to close it.
Finding clip art to insert in an email message.
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