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Smart Art
Outlook’s Smart Art elements let you add a wide variety of diagrams to an email message. These
diagrams are designed to illustrate processes, cycles, relationships, hierarchies, and so on. To add a
Smart Art object:
Click the Smart Art button on the Insert toolbar. Outlook displays the Choose a SmartArt
Graphic dialog box as shown in Figure 6.5.
On the left side of the dialog box, select the category of graphic you are interested in.
In the center of the dialog box, click the specific diagram you want. It will be previewed
on the right.
Click OK.
Selecting a Smart Art diagram to insert in an email message.
Once the Smart Art diagram has been inserted into the message, you edit it using the tools
provided by Outlook. For example, Figure 6.6 shows a Bending List, one type of Smart Art diagram,
selected for editing. Outlook provides a place for you to type in text as well as Design and Format
ribbons for you to select commands related to the object.
Inserting a chart into a message requires that you have Microsoft Excel installed. To insert a chart
into a message, click the Chart button on the Insert ribbon. Outlook displays the Insert Chart
dialog box as shown in Figure 6.7. You use this dialog box to select the type of chart that you want by
clicking the sample from the gallery on the right. Then, click the OK button.
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