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Inserting Symbols
Symbols are not objects like the other elements discussed in this section — they are simply text
characters that do not happen to be available on the keyboard, such as Greek letters, monetary
symbols such as Yen and Pound, and letters with diacritical marks such as é and ö. To insert a
symbol, click the Symbol button on the Insert ribbon and then click the desired symbol.
To add a hyperlink to an email message:
If the text that will be the hyperlink is already in the message, select it. If not, place the
editing cursor at the desired location in the message.
Click the Hyperlink button on the Insert ribbon. Outlook displays the Insert Hyperlink
dialog box, shown in Figure 6.15.
Entering a hyperlink in an email message.
If you selected text in step 1 it will be displayed in the Text to Display field. If not, enter
it now.
On the left side of the dialog box, click the button that corresponds to the type of
hyperlink you want to insert. Then:
n If you select Existing File or Web Page, the dialog box will let you browse to the target
file or page. You can also type in the address directly if you know it.
n If you select Place in This Document, Outlook will display a list of bookmarks in the
current message, from which you select the link target. You can also choose to link to
the top of the message or to any headings in the message.
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