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n If you select New Document, Outlook lets you enter the name of the new document
and to specify whether to edit the document now (as soon as the link is inserted) or
later. In either case, Word opens for editing the new document.
n If you select E-mail Address, Outlook lets you enter the email address and an optional
subject for the message that will be created when the recipient clicks the link.
Click OK.
Hyperlinks are displayed by default as blue underlined text. You can change the target of a
hyperlink by right-clicking it and selecting Edit Hyperlink from the context menu. To remove the link
while leaving the text in the message, select Remove Hyperlink from the context menu.
\ To link to a location in your message, you must insert a bookmark. Here’s how:
Place the editing cursor at the desired location in the message. Optionally you can select
text at the location.
Click the Bookmark button on the Insert ribbon. Outlook opens the Bookmark dialog box.
If you selected text in step 1, it will be entered in the Bookmark Name field. You can
accept this as the bookmark name or enter something else. If you did not select text in
step 1, enter a unique name for the bookmark in this field.
Click OK.
Text marked as a bookmark does not display in any special way. It is just labeled “behind the scenes”
as a bookmark.
To manage bookmarks, click the Bookmark button to display the Bookmark dialog box. Using this
dialog box you can view existing bookmarks and delete ones you no longer need.
Outlook incorporates a powerful equation editor. Most of us will never need this, but if you are
mathematically inclined you may find it useful. When you create an equation by clicking the
Equation button on the Insert ribbon, Outlook enters a blank equation and displays the Design
ribbon for equations. You can type equation elements directly into the equation box and also use
the tools and commands on the ribbon. Figure 6.16 shows an equation being created in an email
When you send a message that includes an equation, the equation is converted to an image. The
recipient can view the equation but not edit it.
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