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When you use this technique to create a table you cannot open an existing Excel spreadsheet inside
the message — you are limited to what you can enter yourself. Nor can you save the spreadsheet
that you create other than as an image. You can, however, open an existing spreadsheet in Excel
and copy data to the spreadsheet in the message.
Converting Text to a Table
Outlook has the capability to look at regular — that is, non-table — text and convert it to a table.
Each paragraph in the text becomes a row in the table. The text within the paragraph can be split up
into columns based on tabs, commas, or another character that you specify. For example, Figure 6.22
shows text suitable for making into a table because the individual parts of each paragraph — last
name, first name, and graduation year — are separated by commas. Figure 6.23 shows the table
that was automatically created from this text.
Text suitable for automatic conversion to a table.
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