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The spelling and grammar options are set in the Editor Options window as shown in Figure 6.27.
The options in the top part of this window relate to spelling and grammar checking throughout
Office (Outlook uses the same checker as the other Office programs). These are self-explanatory
and you can set them as desired.
Setting the spelling and grammar options.
The other options relate to Outlook only and are as follows:
n Check Spelling as You Type: Outlook detects misspelled words as you type and marks
them with a red wavy underline.
n Use Contextual Spelling: If you select this option, the spell checker will attempt to
detect errors based on context. For example, “there” is a legitimate word but is wrong in
this sentence (it should be “their”): “Linda told me that there vacation was a lot of fun.”
n Mark Grammar Errors as You Type: Outlook detects grammar errors as you type and
marks them with a green wavy underline.
n Check Grammar with Spelling: Always checks grammar when you do a spelling check.
n Show Readability Statistics: Select this option to view readability statistics that use the
average number of syllables per word and the average number of words per sentence to
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