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determine the grade-level readability. For example, a score of 8 indicates that the document
should be understandable by someone with an 8th grade education. You must select the
Check Grammar with Spelling option to enable the Show Readability Statistics option.
n Writing Style: You can choose to check grammar only or both grammar and style. Click
the Grammar Settings button to display the Grammar Settings dialog box (see Figure 6.28)
where you specify the details of how grammar is checked.
n Recheck E-mail: If you have changed any options while in the midst of a spelling/grammar
check, resets the checker to start over from scratch.
Setting options for how grammar and style are checked.
When you have turned on the options to check grammar and/or spelling as you type, Outlook
underlines errors as it detects them in the message. When you right-click an error that’s flagged in
this manner, Outlook displays a context menu with commands relevant to the error. For example,
the menu displayed when you right-click a misspelled word offers Ignore, Ignore All, and Add to
Dictionary commands as well as any suggested replacements the spell checker has found.
The Writing Style Option
A known Outlook bug prevents you from setting Writing Style options when you display the Editor
Options via the Tools, Options command (as described earlier). You have to open the item you
want to check, click the Office button at the top-left corner, select Editor Options from the Office
menu, and then select Proofing.
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