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AutoCorrect is a feature that detects certain things in text you are typing and automatically changes
them to something else. When enabled, AutoCorrect can:
n Correct typing errors, such as when you mistakenly start a word with TWo INitial
n Insert symbols and other special characters automatically, such as replacing (c) with ©.
n Automatically correct spelling errors you make frequently, such as replacing “abuot” with
n Ease entry of long words that you use frequently, such as replacing “Alb” with “Albuquerque.”
AutoCorrect options are accessed as follows:
Select Tools, Options from the main Outlook menu to display the Options dialog box.
Click the Spelling tab.
Click the Spelling and AutoCorrection button to open the Editor Options window.
Click the AutoCorrect Options button.
The AutoCorrect options are shown in Figure 6.29. The options near the top of this dialog box are
self-explanatory. Click the Exceptions button to view and define exceptions to the various
AutoCorrect rules. For example, if you have the Correct TWo INitial CApitals option turned on,
you can specify that “IDs” not be corrected.
Setting the AutoCorrect options.
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