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Setting Smart Tag options.
The option at the top of this dialog box, Label Text with Smart Tags, turns Smart Tags on or off. If
this option is on, the types of data selected in the Recognizers list will be detected and marked with
a tag.
The AutoCorrect dialog box contains two tabs that control automatic formatting — the AutoFormat
As You Type tab and the AutoFormat tab. The items on these tabs are similar in concept — Figure
6.34 shows the AutoFormat As You Type tab. You can turn these options on or off as suits your
working style.
Checking Names
The Check Names command, located on the Message ribbon, verifies that the recipients of your
message are all valid email addresses. Valid in this context does not mean that there is a working
email account with the specified address, only that the address has the proper format
(xxxx@yyyy.zzz). If all the recipients pass the test, no message is displayed. If possible, Outlook
will correct the address. Otherwise you will see a dialog box in which you can select a recipient to
make changes to the address.
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