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Setting AutoFormat options.
Other Tools
The Editing button on the Format Text ribbon gives you access to the following features.
Find, Replace, and Go To
Selecting Find from the Editing menu (click the Editing button on the Format Text ribbon)
displays the dialog box shown in Figure 6.35. You can see it has three tabs, one for each of the three
functions discussed in this section.
The Find tab lets you locate text in your message. Enter the search text in the Find What field and
n Click Find Next to highlight the next occurrence of the text in the message.
n Click Find All to highlight all occurrences of the text in the message.
n Click More to display additional search options such as matching case, finding whole
words only, and finding formatting.
The Replace tab lets you locate specified text in the message and replace it with other text. It works
the same as the Find tab except that in addition to a Find What field there is a Replace With field
for you to enter the replacement text.
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