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Changing the Default Email Account
T o change the default email account:
1. Select Tools, Account Settings from the main Outlook menu to display the Account
Settings dialog box.
2. If necessary, click the E-mail tab.
3. The current default account is indicated in the account list by (send from this account by
4. Click another account in the list.
5. Click the Set as Default button.
6. Click Close.
To change the send account for a message:
Click the Account button on the Message ribbon. A menu is displayed with the current
send account checked.
Select the desired account from the menu.
Saving Sent Items
By default, email messages that you send are saved in the Sent Items folder. You can change this
location for an individual message as follows:
Click the Save Sent Item button on the Options ribbon.
To save the item to a folder other than the default, click Other Folder and select the folder.
To not save the item at all, click Do Not Save.
Sending Items with a Message
You learned in Chapter 4 how you can attach a file to a message. Outlook also lets you attach certain
items, specifically calendars and business cards, to a message.
Sending a Calendar
Sending calendar information with a message can be useful to let colleagues know when you are
and are not available for a meeting. To send calendar information with an email message, click the
Calendar button in the Include section of the Message ribbon. Outlook displays the Send a Calendar
via E-mail dialog box, shown in Figure 7.1. You make entries in this dialog box to specify the
calendar information that will be sent, as follows:
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