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If you have more than one calendar, select the calendar to use from the Calendar list.
Select the date range from the Date Range list. Predefined ranges include Today, Tomorrow,
and Next 7 Days. Select Specify Dates from the list to enter a custom date range.
From the Detail list, select the level of calendar detail that you want included in the
message. The choices are
n Availability Only: Time will be shown as Free, Busy, Tentative, or Out of Office.
n Limited Details: In addition to availability, this option includes the subjects of
calendar items.
n Full Details: In addition to availability, this option includes the full detail of calendar
Select the Show Time within My Working Hours Only option to limit the sent calendar
information to these hours. By default they are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday–Friday.
Click the Set Working Hours link to change this.
Click the Show button to display three additional options. Two of them relate to what
information is included in the message. These options are relevant only if you selected
Limited Details or Full Details. The third option determines the format of the sent
calendar: Daily Schedule or List of Events. See the main text for information on these two
Click OK to close the dialog box and insert the calendar information in the message.
Sending calendar information in an email message.
When calendar information is inserted in an email message, at the top is a calendar of the month
or months involved with the relevant days highlighted and underlined, as shown for July 13–19 in
Figure 7.2. The recipient can click these days to go to the detail section for that day.
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