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A message that has restrictions applied displays a notification of that fact below the ribbon.
You may also have custom restrictions available to you. In a company, the IT department may have
defined a restriction level that restricts contents to people on the company network. Your IT person
can provide you with information on custom restrictions if they are in use in your organization.
Flagging a Message for Follow-Up
Sometimes, when you send a message, you would like to be reminded to follow up on the
message — for example, to make sure that you have received a reply. You can flag a message for
follow up and, optionally, have Outlook remind you. Here’s how.
Click the Follow Up button on the Message ribbon. Outlook displays the menu shown in
Figure 7.7.
To flag for follow up at one of the predefined times (for example, tomorrow or next
week), click the corresponding command on the menu.
To specify a custom time, click the Custom command. Outlook displays the Custom
dialog box as shown in Figure 7.8.
Make sure the Flag for Me option is selected.
From the Flag To list, select the type of follow up (for example, follow up, reply, and so on).
Enter the desired start and due dates in the corresponding fields. Click the down arrow
next to each field to select from a calendar.
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