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Tracking Options
If you click the Tracking Options button in the E-mail Options dialog box, Outlook displays the
dialog box shown in Figure 7.13.
Setting email tracking options.
The options in the top portion of this dialog box determine how Outlook handles requests for read
and delivery receipts and receipts that have been returned to you:
n Process Requests and Responses on Arrival: When a read or delivery receipt is
received, Outlook records the receipt as part of the original item (the sent message).
n Process Receipts on Arrival: Receipts are deleted on arrival (after processing).
n After Processing, Move Receipts To: Specify a folder for saving processed receipts.
In the middle of this dialog box are options that you can set if you want every message you send to
include a request for a delivery and/or read receipt.
At the bottom of the dialog box you can specify how Outlook handles requests for receipts that
you receive.
Mail Setup
To access the Mail Setup dialog box, select Tools, Options from the main Outlook menu and click
the Mail Setup tab in the Options dialog box. This tab is shown in Figure 7.14.
The E-mail Accounts button lets you access Outlook’s email accounts to add, delete, or modify
accounts. Working with email accounts was covered in Chapter 3.
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