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The Mail Format tab in the Options dialog box.
The Message Format section of this dialog box has the following elements:
n Compose in this Message Format: Select the default format (HTML, Rich Text, or plain
text) for new messages. See Chapter 5 for details.
n Internet Format: Click this button to specify that messages you create in RTF format are
converted to HTML or plain text when being sent to Internet mail accounts (which
generally cannot read RTF messages).
n International Options: Click this button to set language options for new messages.
The HTML Format section has these options:
n Reduce the File Size...: Make HTML messages as small as possible by removing unneeded
formatting information.
n Rely on CSS for Font Formatting: Select this option if you want to use Cascading Style
Sheets for font formatting.
n Save Smart Tags in Email: Smart Tags are sent as part of a message rather than being
present only while you are composing the message.
The Stationery and Fonts button and the Signatures button give you access to the tools for creating
and modifying these items, specifying the defaults to use with new messages, and so on. Stationery
and signatures are covered in Chapter 5.
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