Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Click the Editor Options button to display the window shown in Figure 7.16. You use this window
to set a variety of options that control how the email editor works. Note the list of categories on the
left. Click each one to display a different set of related options.
Setting options for the email editor.
Many people use Outlook without ever making changes to any of these options, but they are
available if you want to make the editor better suit your working style. If you have used the Microsoft
Word word processing program, you may recognize a lot of overlap between Outlook’s editor
options and the options available in Word. There a good reason for this — Outlook’s editor is in
fact based on Word.
It seems that Outlook has an overwhelming number of email options — it can seem overwhelming
to try to understand them all. Fortunately, most options can be left with their default settings
and changed only when you have a specific reason to do so. As you become more familiar with
Outlook, you gain a better understanding of how to set options to maximize your convenience
and productivity.
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