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Blocking/Allowing Individual Senders
The context menu is a fast way to add addresses to your safe and blocked lists. All you have to do
is right-click the message in the Inbox (or whatever folder it is in), select Junk E-mail from the
context menu, then select the desired action from the next menu. If you have opened a message, you
can use the commands in the Junk E-mail section of the ribbon to perform related commands:
n Block Sender: Adds the message sender to your blocked senders list.
n Safe Lists: Choose from the menu to add the sender to your safe sender or safe recipient
list or to add the sender’s domain to the safe senders list.
n Not Junk: This command is available only if the message is in your Junk E-mail folder.
Click to move the message to the Inbox and add the sender to your safe senders list.
International Junk E-mail Options
You may find that you receive some emails that appear to be gibberish, random meaningless
characters. This is caused when someone sends you an email using a different character encoding than
the one you are using. For example, a person in China will likely use Chinese encoding to create a
message in Chinese characters. If your email reader is set to use, say, English encoding, the message
will display as gibberish. Outlook lets you block messages that use specified character encodings. It
also lets you block emails from certain countries based on the top-level domain of the sender’s
address. Here are the steps to follow:
Select Tools, Options from the main Outlook menu to display the Options dialog box.
On the Preferences tab, click the Junk E-mail button. Outlook displays the Junk E-mail
dialog box.
If necessary, click the International tab.
To block top-level domains, click the Blocked Top-Level Domains button to display a list
of domains (see Figure 8.3).
Put a checkmark next to the domains you want to block and click OK.
To block character encodings, click the Blocked Encodings List to display a list of
encodings (see Figure 8.4).
Put a checkmark next to the character encodings you want to block and click OK.
Click OK to close the Junk E-mail Options dialog box.
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