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Editing a Rule Description
A rule definition contains underlined elements that represent the parts of the rule that you can
edit. Figure 9.2, for example, shows a definition with two editable elements: “people or
distribution list” and “specified.” When you click such an underlined element, Outlook opens a dialog box
where you can specify the details. In this example:
n Click “people or distribution list” to open a dialog box where you can select the people
and/or distribution lists from your address book. The rule is applied to messages from the
selected people.
n Click “specified” to select a folder to which matching messages will be moved.
The elements of a rule definition that can be edited are underlined.
After you have made selections for the editable rule items, the rule displays the selected
information. An example is shown in Figure 9.3 where the rule is defined to move messages from specific
people to a specific folder. Note that these elements of the rule are still underlined and can be
clicked to make changes to the rule as needed.
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