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Managing Your Contacts
Outlook’s contacts feature is much more than a simple address book.
It provides you with powerful tools to not only store but to find and
use information about your business and personal contacts.
The Contacts window
Customizing the contacts view
Understanding Outlook Contacts
Outlook’s contacts are one of its most powerful features. At heart, it is just an
address book, but what an address book! Of course it covers the basics of
organizing names, addresses, and phone numbers, but it can do so much
more. Many people use contacts primarily as a way to store people’s email
addresses for ease of sending emails. This is important, but if that’s all you
use contacts for you are really missing out. For example, did you know that
you can use Outlook contacts to do the following?
Finding contacts
Adding contacts to the Address
Working with distribution lists
Understanding the contacts form
Using your contacts
Editing business cards
n Create electronic business cards so you can send your or other
people’s contact information by email.
n Store multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and postal address
for an individual.
n Perform an automated mail merge, creating a mailing to some or all
your contacts.
n Automatically dial a contact’s phone number (if your computer is
equipped with a modem).
n Store a photograph as part of a contact’s information.
n Define custom fields to store whatever information you need as
part of a contact.
n View a map of the location of a contact’s address.
Sending contact information by
Working with multiple address
Setting contact options
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