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n Type in any of the search fields to search in that field only.
n Type in two or more search fields to display records that meet all your criteria.
n To include more fields in the search, click the Add Criteria button and then select the
desired fields from the menu.
n To clear each criteria and return to display of all contacts, click the X next to the search box.
n To close the advanced search tools (while keeping the search active), click the double up
arrow to the right of the search field.
Searching for contacts.
Searching by Category
Assigning your contacts to categories, as is explained later in this chapter, can make the advanced
search tool even more useful. When you add criteria to the search, one of your choices is
Categories. You can use this criterion to find all contacts that fall into a certain category. This can be
particularly useful when you want to perform a mail merge, as described later in this chapter.
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