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Adding Contacts to the Address Book
Outlook provides you with several ways to add information to an address book.
Adding a Contact Manually
To add a new contact to the address book:
n If Contacts are active in Outlook, click the New button on the toolbar or press Ctrl+N.
n If Contacts are not active in Outlook, click the arrow next to the New button on the
toolbar and select Contact from the menu.
In either case, Outlook displays a new, blank contact form as shown in Figure 10.8. Type in the
information — only a name is required and you can use or not use the other fields as you desire —
and then click Save and Close on the ribbon. If you want to save this contact and enter another,
click Save and New. Most of the fields on the contact form are self-explanatory, but I provide full
details about the form later in this chapter.
A blank contact form.
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