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Adding a Contact from a vCard File
A vCard file is a special file format designed to send contact information. Although this is not
Outlook’s native format for sending and receiving contact information, Outlook can read vCard
files that you may receive from people using other email software. They work the same way as
Outlook contacts that were described in the previous section — double-click the attachment to add
the information to your address book. Outlook users can also send vCards to other people — this
is explained later in the chapter in the section “Sending Contact Information by Email.”
Working with Distribution Lists
A distribution list is a collection of two or more contacts. You can easily send an email message
to everyone on the list simply by selecting the list from your address book when addressing the
message — there’s no need to add each person individually to the message’s To field.
Creating a Distribution List
To create a distribution list, click the down arrow next to the New button on the toolbar and select
Distribution List from the menu. Outlook will open a distribution list form as shown in Figure 10.10.
The form is initially empty, of course — this example shows some names that have been added.
FIGURE 10.10
A distribution list can contain two or more contacts.
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