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More About Contacts
Outlook contacts are much more than a simple address book. This section covers additional details
and capabilities of Outlook contacts.
The Contact Form
The contact form, shown in Figure 10.14, provides places for you to enter many different kinds of
information about a contact. The only field that is required is the name — you can use all, some, or
none of the other fields as required. Some of the elements on the contact form may benefit from an
FIGURE 10.14
The contact form provides fields for a wide variety of information about the contact.
Full Name
You can simply enter a contact’s name in the Full Name field in the usual way, for example John Q.
Public. You can also click the adjacent Full Name button to bring up the Check Full Name dialog
box as shown in Figure 10.15. Here you can specify a title such as Dr. or Mrs. and a suffix such as
Jr. or Sr.
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