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Quick Email
When a contact is open, click the E-mail button on the ribbon to create a new email message
addressed to the contact.
FIGURE 10.15
The Check Full Name dialog box lets you enter more details for a contact’s name.
Note the option in this dialog box: Show This Again When a Name Is Incomplete or Unclear.
When this option is on (the default), Outlook will open this dialog box automatically when you
enter an unclear name such as “Fred” in the Full Name field.
The File As field determines how a contact will be filed in the address book. The default is last
name first (Public, John Q.) but you can also choose to file a contact first name first.
Phone Numbers
The Phone Numbers section of the contact form provides spaces for four numbers. By default these
are labeled as Business, Home, Business Fax, and Mobile, but you can change which numbers are
displayed in a particular phone number field by clicking the adjacent down arrow and selecting
from the list. Some of the choices available are Home Fax, Pager, and Assistant. Outlook will save a
phone number for each designation but only four numbers will be displayed on the contact form
at one time. When you open the list of designations, those for which you have entered a phone
number will be checked.
Next to each phone number field is a button with the field’s designation on it. If you click one of
these buttons, Outlook opens the Check Phone Number dialog box as shown in Figure 10.16.
Here you can enter additional details for the phone number if desired.
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