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FIGURE 10.16
The Check Phone Number dialog box lets you enter more details for a contact’s phone number.
The Addresses section of the contact form can store up to three addresses designated as Home,
Business, and Other. Select the one to display by clicking the down arrow adjacent to the address
box. Click the adjacent button to open the Check Address dialog box (see Figure 10.17) where you
can enter or edit address details. By default, Outlook will display this dialog box automatically if
you enter an address that appears to be incomplete or unclear.
FIGURE 10.17
The Check Address dialog box lets you enter more details for a contact’s address.
One of the addresses for a contact can be designated as the mailing address by selecting the
corresponding option. Outlook uses this address when you are doing a mail merge using Outlook
contact data. Mail Merge is discussed later in this chapter.
You can associate a picture with a contact by clicking the Picture button on the contact form. Outlook
displays a dialog box that lets you browse for the picture file. When you have associated a picture
with a contact, it displays on the picture button and also on the contact’s business card, as shown
in Figure 10.18. To remove or change the picture, right-click it and choose from the context menu.
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