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FIGURE 10.18
You can associate a picture with a contact.
Email Addresses
Outlook can store as many as three email addresses for a contact, designated as E-Mail, E-Mail 2,
and E-Mail 3. You select which one to display on the contact form using the arrow adjacent to the
E-mail field.
If you create an email message to a contact by clicking the E-mail button on the ribbon on a contact
form, Outlook will create a message addressed to all the email addresses for that contact. If you
click the To button on an email message, the list of contacts will display each email separately and
you can choose the one to use.
The Display As field determines how the contact is displayed in a message’s To or Cc field. By default
Outlook displays the contact’s name followed by the email address in parentheses, but you can edit
this to display as desired — for example, just the person’s name.
The Notes section on a contact form is for entry of any arbitrary information that you want to save
with the contact. Simply click in the box and enter/edit as usual. You can use the tools on the Format
text ribbon to apply formatting to the notes text, if desired.
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