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Other Contact Displays
The default contact display, called General, has been shown in the figures throughout this chapter
so far. This is the display that you will probably use most often. There are several other displays, or
views, available — you select the display to view from the Show section of the Contact ribbon.
The Details view gives you access to secondary information about a contact. This display is shown
in Figure 10.19. This information includes fields such as Department, Office, Nickname, Spouse/
Partner, as well as details for the person’s NetMeeting settings. You may never use this view but it’s
available if you need it.
FIGURE 10.19
The Details view for a contact.
One of the security features available in Outlook is digital certificates. A contact can send you a
certificate. You can then use this certificate to send encrypted mail to that person. The Certificates
display lets you view and work with the certificate(s) that you have for a contact. Digital certificates
are covered in detail in the chapter on security (Chapter 20).
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