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The lower-right section of this dialog box is for text formatting. When a field is selected in the
Fields list, use the tools here to:
n Increase or decrease font size.
n Make font bold, italic, or underlined.
n Align text left, center, or right.
n Change font color.
Oddly enough, you cannot change the font used on a business card, just its size.
The Label section lets you add a label to any data field. You can specify the text of the label, its color,
and whether it is displayed to the left or right of the item.
Click the Reset Card button to undo any edits you have made and return the card to the default
appearance. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.
Dialing the Phone
If your computer is equipped with a modem, you can have Outlook dial the phone for you based
on the number associated with a contact. Then you can pick up your handset and complete the call
as usual. This requires that the modem and handset be on the same line, which can be inconvenient
if you use the modem to access the Internet. If your Internet connection is via cable modem or DSL,
or via a second telephone line, you may want to use an old modem as a dedicated dialer on your
voice line. The speed of the modem is not relevant in this application.
When a contact is open, click the arrow on the Call button to display the menu shown in Figure
10.24. This menu lists all the phone numbers for the current contact. Select the one to dial and
Outlook opens the New Call dialog box (see Figure 10.25) with the selected phone number
entered. The settings and commands in this dialog box are
n Dialing Properties: Opens the dialing properties where you define rules for dialing from
your computer. You should not have to change these because they are set up when you
install and configure your modem.
n Create New Journal Entry...: Creates an Outlook journal entry for the call, noting the
number called and the time and date of the call.
n Dialing Options: Lets you set speed dialer options and add names and numbers to the
speed-dial list.
n Start Call: Dial the number.
n End Call: Hang up.
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