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Use the Context Menus
Many of the actions that you can take with contacts that are described in this section can be
accessed without opening the contact. In the Contacts window, simply right-click the contact
and select from the context menu. You can use this technique to send a contact, call a contact, or
assign a follow-up of category to a contact.
Assigning a Task to a Contact
To assign a new task to a contact, click the Assign Task button on the Contact ribbon. Outlook
opens a task window, as shown in Figure 10.29, where you can enter details of the task and save it.
You learn more about tasks, including assigning an existing task to a contact, in Chapter 15.
Viewing the Contact’s Web Page
If you have entered a web page URL for a contact, clicking the Web Page button on the Contact
ribbon launches your default web browser and displays the web page.
Tagging a Contact for Follow Up
To tag a contact for follow up, click the Follow Up button in the Options section of the Contact
ribbon and select the desired follow-up interval from the menu.
FIGURE 10.29
Assigning a task to a contact.
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