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Performing a Mail Merge from Your
Mail merge is a technique that lets a form letter be addressed and sent to many different individuals.
It can also be used to create mailing labels, envelopes, and catalogs such as a mailing list. Microsoft
Office has merge tools built in to several of its applications, most notably Word, and Outlook is
included in this list.
When would you use Outlook to perform a mail merge? Only when the names and addresses that
you want to use are in your Outlook address book. In this situation, using Outlook is often the
simplest approach. Even so, there are some factors that may mitigate against using Outlook for a
merge and instead using the more advanced mail merge tools available in other Office applications.
For example, Outlook cannot separate documents by ZIP code to get reduced mailing rates, and it
would not be a good choice for a large merge that will create thousands of documents. You need to
have Microsoft Word installed on your system to perform a mail merge.
The first step in performing a mail merge is usually to filter your contacts so that only the ones you
want included are shown. You can do this by using Outlook’s search capability or by customizing
the Contacts view, both of which were covered earlier in this chapter. However, you can skip this
step and select the contacts to include later. Then:
Make sure Contacts are active.
Select Mail Merge from the Tools menu. Outlook displays the Mail Merge dialog box as
shown in Figure 10.30.
FIGURE 10.30
Performing a mail merge with Outlook contacts.
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