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Working with the Calendar
A calendar is something you hang on the wall, right? It has a page for
each month and a picture of a puppy, lighthouse, or famous
painting. If that’s what you think, then you haven’t used the Outlook
Calendar! Outlook provides a sophisticated calendar that helps you manage
your time efficiently. It can even do things such as remind you of an
upcoming appointment, help you set up meetings, and let you share your calendar
with others.
Learning about the Outlook
Working with Calendar views
Creating one-time and recurring
This chapter covers the Outlook Calendar itself. Some other Outlook tools
related to the Calendar are covered in other chapters: scheduling and
meetings in Chapter 12 and tasks in Chapter 15.
Forwarding appointments
Searching your calendar
Sharing your calendar
Understanding the Outlook
Subscribing to Internet calendars
Using Calendar options
At its heart, the Outlook Calendar stores and displays appointments. An
appointment is just what it sounds like — a scheduled event with a title and a
time/date specified for the beginning and end of the appointment. Outlook
distinguishes between two types of appointments:
n A regular appointment has a specific start time and stop time. They
are usually on the same day but do not have to be.
n An all-day event does not have specific start and stop times but
rather takes up all of one or more days.
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