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Scheduling appointments may not sound so special, and in fact it’s not. But it’s the way that
Outlook lets you organize, use, and share your appointments that makes the Calendar so useful.
Using the Calendar
To show the Calendar, click the Calendar button in the navigation pane. The view window shows
the Calendar itself, and you’ll get to that in a moment. The top section of the navigation pane
shows a small calendar of the current month, called the Date Navigator , which has several useful
features, as shown in Figure 11.1.
n Today’s date is enclosed in a box — the 22nd in the figure.
n The days displayed in the larger Calendar view are highlighted in the small calendar. In
the figure, this is the 21st through the 25th.
n Days on which there is at least one appointment are in bold.
n The arrows to the left and right of the month and year can be clicked to move to the
previous or next month, updating the Calendar view as well.
n Click any day number to change the Calendar view accordingly.
In Calendar view, the navigation pane displays the Date Navigator.
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