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Click an appointment to select it — it will display with a black border and small handles (boxes)
on the top and bottom border. You can:
n Point at the appointment and drag to move it to a different time slot.
n Point at one of the handles and drag it to change either the start or stop time.
If you double-click an appointment, it will open for editing, as explained later in this chapter.
Using the Calendar Week View
The Calendar Week view is shown in Figure 11.4. This example shows only the work week — you
can display the full seven-day week by selecting the Show Full Week option at the top of the window.
In essence, the Week view is five or seven single-day views side-by-side and you can perform the
same actions as described for the Day view. You can also drag an appointment to a different day.
You’ll note in the figure that when an appointment is selected, its details are displayed
at the bottom of the window in the reading pane. This can be useful when the Calendar
itself is too crowded to show these details for each appointment.
The Outlook Calendar displaying an entire week’s appointments.
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