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Customizing the Calendar View
If you open the Current View list on the toolbar you’ll see an item called Define Views. This
command lets you define a custom view for the Calendar, and is covered in Chapter 19.
The figure shows the month display with the High option selected for details. You can also select
Low or Medium details:
n Low: Shows only all-day events. Appointments with specific start and stop times are not
n Medium: All-day events are displayed as usual. Appointments with specific start and stop
times are displayed as shaded lines or rectangles with the position and thickness of the
line or rectangle indicating the approximate time and duration of the appointment.
Using the To-Do Bar with Appointments
Outlook’s To-Do Bar can be useful for working with Calendar items. To display the To-Do Bar, select
To-Do Bar from the View menu and then select Normal. The To-Do Bar is shown in Figure 11.6.
The To-Do Bar can display the Date Navigator and upcoming appointments.
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