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To-Do Bar Appointment Display
You can specify how many appointments are displayed in the To-Do Bar — the default is three.
However many you choose to display, the To-Do Bar always displays the appointments that are
coming up the soonest.
The To-Do Bar can display three items:
n The Date Navigator, a small monthly calendar whose features were explained earlier in
this chapter. If the Date Navigator is displayed in the To-Do Bar it will not be displayed in
the navigation pane.
n A list of appointments for the current week.
n A list of tasks. Tasks are not directly related to the Calendar and are explained in Chapter 15.
You can control what is displayed on the To-Do Bar. You can display all, two, or one of the items in
the preceding list. To change the To-Do Bar display, select To-Do Bar from the View menu and then
check or uncheck the individual items — Date Navigator, Appointments, and Task List — on the
next menu. You can also select Options from this menu to display the To-Do Bar Options dialog
box, shown in Figure 11.7. Here you can turn the display of individual items on or off as well as
specify how many months are displayed in the Date Navigator and how many appointments are
Setting To-Do Bar display options.
Working with Appointments
An Outlook appointment can be very simple, or you can use Outlook’s tools to add various features
and options to an appointment. Start with the basics of creating a simple appointment and then
look at the various options.
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