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Creating a Simple Appointment
To create a simple appointment, make sure that Outlook is displaying the Calendar. Then you do
either of the following:
n Click the New button on the toolbar. Outlook opens a new appointment form for
whatever day is selected in the Calendar.
n Double-click a day on the Calendar. Outlook opens a new appointment form for that day.
The appointment form is shown in Figure 11.8 before any information has been entered. Then:
An Outlook appointment form.
At a minimum, you must enter a subject for the appointment. This is the title of the
appointment and is displayed in the Calendar — or at least part of it is, depending on the
Optionally, enter a location for the appointment. If you click the arrow adjacent to the
Location field, Outlook will display a list of previously used locations from which you
can select. Otherwise, just type the location into the field. Space allowing, the location
displays along with the appointment subject in the Calendar.
If necessary, adjust the start and/or stop date by clicking the arrow next to the displayed
date and selecting from the calendar that Outlook displays. An appointment could span
two or more days, if needed.
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