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Dealing with Conflicts
Outlook does not specifically warn you of potential conflicts — you are free to schedule
overlapping appointments if you wish. When there’s an overlap, Outlook displays a striped bar
between the appointments in Week view and also in Day view.
Outlook displays a striped bar between conflicting appointments.
To delete an appointment, click it in Calendar view to select it and press Del.
If you simply want to change the duration of an appointment, you can do so without opening the
appointment form. When you select the appointment in the Calendar by clicking it, it will display
small square handles on its border as shown in Figure 11.10. For a regular appointment, the
handles will be at the top and bottom, as in the figure. Drag the top or bottom handle to change the
appointment’s start or stop time, respectively. For an all-day event the handles will be on the left
and right edges, and can be dragged to change the start or stop time.
You can also change an appointment’s time and/or date, without changing its duration, by pointing
at the appointment and dragging it the new position on the Calendar.
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