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FIGURE 11.10
Drag a selected appointment’s handles to change its duration.
Appointment Options
When you create an appointment, there are several optional features you may want to use. They
are described here.
Scheduling Recurring Events
Some events occur on a regular basis. Perhaps you have a chiropractor appointment at 10:00 AM
every Monday, or a company strategy meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. You can enter
such appointments only once and have Outlook create all the recurrences automatically. Here’s how:
Use the techniques that you learned earlier in this chapter to create an appointment for
the first instance, but do not save and close it.
In the appointment form, click the Recurrence button on the Appointment ribbon.
Outlook displays the Appointment Recurrence dialog box as shown in Figure 11.11.
In the Appointment Time section of the dialog box, make sure that the start time and
stop time are correct.
In the Recurrence Pattern section, select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
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