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If you try to delete a recurring appointment, Outlook will give you the option of deleting all
occurrences of the appointment or just the current one.
Using Appointment Reminders
Outlook can remind you of an appointment by displaying a dialog box and playing a sound. You
can specify how much advance notice you get and also change the sound that is played. You can
also turn reminders off. To set a reminder:
Create the appointment, or open an existing one for editing.
Click the Reminder list on the Appointment ribbon (see Figure 11.12).
Select the desired duration of the advance warning, from 0 minutes to 2 weeks. The
default is 15 minutes before the start time, although you can change this in Calendar
Options (covered later in this chapter). Select None for no reminder.
Select Sound to specify the sound played when a reminder is displayed. Turn off the Play
This Sound option if you do not want a sound played (a dialog box is displayed).
Click OK to return to the appointment form.
FIGURE 11.12
Specifying the reminder interval for an appointment.
When a reminder comes due, Outlook plays the sound (if one was specified for the appointment)
and displays the dialog box shown in Figure 11.13. If there is more than one reminder due, they
will all be listed. The actions you can take are
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