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Why Display an Appointment as “Free?”
It may seem strange that Outlook gives you the option of displaying an appointment as “free” on the
Scheduling Page. It makes sense, however, when you realize that some appointments are not
critical and can easily be changed. For example, you can just as well get that haircut tomorrow as today.
By displaying such appointments as free, you will not prevent other people from scheduling a
meeting at that time when they view your schedule.
FIGURE 11.17
Specifying how an appointment will display on the Scheduling Page.
Searching the Calendar
As your calendar becomes filled with appointments past and future, it will become difficult if not
impossible to find information by simply scrolling through the Calendar. You can use the search
feature to filter the Calendar to show just the information you want. For example, you could filter
to show only appointments within a certain month assigned to a specific category.
For a basic search, enter your search term in the Search Calendar box at the top right of the
Calendar display (see Figure 11.18). You can also click the down arrow to select from previously
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