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Calendar Sharing with Exchange
Outlook users who have a Microsoft Exchange account have additional calendar sharing options
available to them. These are covered in Chapter 28, which deals with Exchange accounts.
Sending a Calendar Snapshot
A calendar snapshot is sent as part of an email message. To send a calendar snapshot, make sure
that you are in Calendar view. Then, click the Send a Calendar via E-Mail link on the navigation
pane. Outlook will create a new email message and display the Send a Calendar via E-mail dialog
box (Figure 11.20). Make entries in this dialog box as follows:
In the Calendar list, select the calendar to use. This is relevant only if you have more than
one calendar.
In the Date Range list, select the range of dates to include.
In the Detail list, specify how much detail should be included. You can select Availability
Only, Limited Details, or Full Details.
Select the Show Time Within My Working Hours Only option to limit the published
information to the times defined in Outlook as working hours.
Click OK.
FIGURE 11.20
Sending a Calendar snapshot via email.
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