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After you close this dialog box, you are returned to the new email message. The calendar will have
been inserted into the body of the message and also added as an attachment. You can then address
and send the message as usual. When the recipient gets the message, he can either view the
calendar in the message or open the attached file to get information about your schedule.
Publishing a Calendar to Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft Office Online is a free service offered to Office users. One of its features is the capability to
publish your Outlook Calendar so that other people can view it. To use Microsoft Office Online
you need an account. If you already have a Microsoft Passport account you can use that login. If
not, you will be prompted to create your account when you first publish your calendar.
To publish your calendar, you must be in Calendar view. Then, click the Publish My Calendar link
in the navigation pane. Outlook will take you through the steps of signing into Office Online (or
creating an account if needed) and will then display the dialog box shown in Figure 11.21. Fill in
this dialog box as follows:
n Time Span: Select the span of time to be published.
n Detail: Specify how much detail should be included. You can select Availability Only,
Limited Details, or Complete Details.
n Show Time Within My Working Hours Only: Select this option to limit the published
information to the times defined in Outlook as working hours. Click the adjacent Set
Working Hours link if you want to view or modify the working hours.
n Permissions: Select whether the calendar will be restricted to people you invite or
accessible by anyone.
n Description: Depending on where you are publishing to, you may be able to enter a
description of the calendar that will help other people to find it.
n Advanced: Click this button to specify the upload method. You can specify whether or
not changes to your calendar will be uploaded automatically. Automatic is the default and
is suitable for most situations. If you do not select automatic updating, you will have to
publish the calendar again to make changes available.
When you click OK, Outlook publishes your calendar and asks you whether you want to invite
others to share the calendar. If you select Yes, Outlook will create an email message that contains a
link to the just-published calendar. Send the message to the people you want to invite to share
your calendar. If you published the calendar with restricted access, people will need a Microsoft
Passport account associated with the email address you sent the invitation to in order to view the
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