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Other Actions with Published Calendars
Once you have published a calendar, there are several other actions you can take with it. These
commands are all accessed by right-clicking the calendar in the navigation pane and selecting
Publish to Internet from the menu. Then, on the next menu:
n Select Change Publishing Options if you want to change access restrictions, upload
method, or any other detail of how the calendar is published.
n Select Stop Sharing to make the calendar unavailable. It will remain on the server and
sharing can be re-enabled at a later date.
n Select Change Sharing Permissions if you want to change who can access the published
n Select Remove from Server to delete the calendar from the server.
Subscribing to Internet Calendars
Outlook supports Internet calendars , a way for people and organizations to publish a calendar you
can subscribe to in Outlook. For example, your employer might publish a calendar of company
holidays, or the local soccer team can publish its game schedule. By subscribing to an Internet
calendar you can view the information in Outlook — and, it will be updated automatically as needed.
When an Internet calendar is made available, you will be informed of its location by the publisher.
Navigate to that location in your web browser and you’ll see a link for each published calendar.
Click the link and Outlook displays the dialog box shown in Figure 11.23. If you want to change
the name that Outlook will display for the calendar, click the Advanced button and make the
change. Then click Yes to complete the subscription process.
FIGURE 11.23
Subscribing to an Internet calendar.
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